Desktop & Laptop Services

Desktop & Laptop Services
Finding the right place for computer repairs used to involve lots of tensions. Not anymore. ANS Network Services has a better way. We can provide immediate doorstep service for any brand of computer like Mac, Dell,Sony,HP, Lenovo, and more.

ANS services and repairs every brand and model of desktop computer, laptop computer or notebook computer. We troubleshoot, diagnose, service, network, maintain, and repair all PC and Mac models. We will install or repair your hardware regardless of where you purchased it, help you with any questions you may have about its operation, or troubleshoot any issues you may be having with currently installed hardware.

Our trained technicians can service and repair any computer problem. With any computer repair, our service techs will always recommend replacing your computer when a repair or upgrade would cost more than a new computer. So you never need to worry about a repair costing more than buying a new computer. We service: Microsoft, Intel, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Milwaukee PC Custom, Toshiba, Gateway, Sony, Toshiba and more.

1The Laptop general service includes:
  • Chemical cleaning of the internal parts including motherboard, processor etc.
  • Cooling paste treatment: essential for smooth running of the laptop is replaced on the motherboard and graphic card heat sink. If the cooling paste dries up and the laptop overheats, it may lead to major problems in the motherboard which are hard to attain.
  • Cooling fan: Overheating issues may also lead to auto shut down and loss of data. This is the reason cooling fan in the laptop is also cleaned up for smoother running and any issues with underperforming parts are informed to the customers.
  • Laptop Health card: a service report is generated by ultra-modern software at the end of general service which tells about the life of different parts of the laptop. Now you know why we highly recommend getting laptops/desktops serviced at least once every year.
2Computer Services:

Computer services include hardware, software and data processing services. The item comprises hardware and software consultancy and implementation services; maintenance and repair of computers and peripheral equipment; disaster recovery services, provision of advice and assistance on matters related to the management of computer resources; analysis, design and programming of systems ready to use, including web page development and design; technical consultancy related to software; licence fees collected for the use of software (other than ordered by the customer); development, production, supply and documentation of customised software, including operating systems made on order for specific users; systems maintenance and other support services, such as training provided as part of consultancy; data processing services, such as data entry, tabulation and processing on a time-share basis; web page hosting services, i.e. provision of server space on the Internet to host customers’ web pages; and computer facilities management.