User Support

User Support
IT (information technology) is all to do with computer-based ‘Information Technology’. Considering that we are living in a rather technologically advanced world, IT support services are necessary. Also referred to as technical support, it is basically the process of offering assistance with technology-related devices such as computers, laptops, CCTV Cameras and so on.

The aim of these services is to provide consumers with the solutions they require when they are experiencing problems with the device they have bought. We work with many types of IT customers with unique needs and very different budget levels. We craft an IT plan and budget for each customer to help them get the best value and strategically select their services and products. We provide on-site expert, friendly technical support to business, home and home office users. Unlike repair shops, we have a strong emphasis on explanation, friendly communication, and training.

Our full time help desk team is at your service when you need them most. We offer remote assistance, on-site visits, and online resources such as our advanced ticketing system and customer knowledge base.

1Help Desk IT Service
ANS Network Services can immediately provide support to any issues or problems your network is experiencing. Backed with expertise, our team of IT professionals can help you resolve any issues to ensure business productivity and efficiency.
2On-Demand IT Support

One of the most popular types of IT support services is on-demand IT support. This refers to the process of providing technical support whenever a problem arises. Instead of paying a fixed monthly fee, companies pay their trusted IT service provider for each individual service. Businesses that don’t like to commit to long-term packages and deals usually just invest in on-demand IT support. Aside from its convenient, it also provides businesses with immediate support and service whenever they need them.

3Spam Protection
Salient IT knows how dangerous spam messages can be. With that said, it offers strong protection against spam-infected mails that may contain threats like malware, viruses, and phishing scares. This will help you maintain a strong environment away from all kinds of malicious threats that can cause a major security incident.
4Cloud Services
70% of internet users are starting to embrace cloud services. This is why more and more service providers are starting to develop their cloud computing services to help organizations benefit from this technology. With cloud computing, it will be easier for you to access your data and network from anywhere.